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L'incertain regard



The choice of title for my Internet site L'incertain regard, or loosely in English ‘the uncertain point of view or perspective’, is deliberately twofold. My long-standing passion for international cinema might belie that, on the one hand, the choice of words is a personal homage to Un Certain Regard, the well-know parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival.  The intended purpose of which is to portray, “en perspective un cinéma plus original et audacieux que celui de la competition”. In layman’s English, ‘to provide a forum for films more bold and original than those of the mainstream Cannes competition’. On the other hand, it represents equally my own uncertain perspective on surrounding reality and circumstances. In this respect I have taken inspiration from the words coined in 1870 by the French poet Isidore Ducasse, better known as Count Lautrémont, that in the end to once again paraphrase, ‘doubt is a tribute to hope’.

Reasonably one might also ask how this perceived uncertainty or doubt inspires my passion as a photographer? In a word, walking! Movement stimulates restlessness and thus attracts me as an observer. All I need to do is to look up and I am overcome by the immediacy and drama of life's spectacle unfolding continuously around me.

My particular interest is in how diverse urban environments, people, art, and objects interact with each other. And my style? Simply put, still a ‘work in progress’ but two distinctive characteristics have always been present:  the nearly maniacally obsessive attention to, and concentration on, detail and composition in addition to methodical research of unusual points of view. It is little wonder that my points of reference have been artists such as the fictitious painter Mr. Neville as narrated in director Peter Greenway’s film The Draughtsman's Contract as well as Aleksandr Michajlovič Rodčenko, one of the most versatile Constructivist artists to emerge after the Russian Revolution. 

Finally what is my purpose, goal or target as self-avowed street photographer? Once again to merely explore, document and share. My tools? Around my neck a LUMIX LX100, and in my pocket an iPhone. My photographs? All are displayed on on my two Instagram accounts and on several albums created with Spark Adobe. I hereby warmly invite you to give them a look and be free to write a comment.

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