Fausto Colombo

L'incertain regard



True to  the form and spirit of the old Italian adage that ‘life only begins at age fifty’, my time on earth was shaken to its foundations at the age forty-eight when I turned my back on the northern Italian metropolis Milan and ventured across the Alps to not only take up residence but also to establish a completely new existence 300 km to the north in Zürich.

In spite of what otherwise may be considered a negligible distance, the disparities spanning the two cities were far more vivid than I might previously have imagined. 

Nevertheless I found myself, as in the many and varied  areas of endeavours of life,  engaging the cultural shock with my own meticulous pragmatism. From attending a profusion of courses in German, teaching Italian, practising volunteer work to attending casting selections as well as getting to know and dwelling amongst the locals, my midlife journey in the Swiss metropolis continues to stimulate and challenge.

Of consistent surprise to myself in this period of cultural, personal, as well as professional, readjustment has been my newly found attraction, pardon the pun, to magnetism. In addition to Supermagnete, the company I work for, which I still pursue with dauntless conviction, I still am driven by many of the passions which have fascinated me throughout my life. Three of which, I invite you to peruse in the next three pages of this website. 


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